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Līga Vēliņa (1990) is a Media artist, illustrator & graphic designer based in Riga, Latvia.  Working with various digital media: data visualization, virtual reality, 3D art, video art. 

Present - The Art Academy of Latvia, Doctoral (Phd)
2021 The Art Academy of Latvia, Visual Communication, Master of Arts Degree
2019 Liepaja University  - New Media Art,  Bachelor of Arts Degree
2014 Latvian Academy of Culture -  Latvia Culture College
Management of Culture Institutions, Specialization- Photography
2011 Janis Rozentals Rigas’s Arts highschool:
Visual Arts program: qualification of Illustrator
2005 Aluksne's Arts School
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 +371 26200808


2023 A PLACE THAT EXISTS AND DOESN’T EXIST SIMULTANEOUSLY, multimedia exhibition by Liga Velina & Armands Andze, Latvian Museum of Photography, Riga, Latvia
2023 PAPER TREES. Augmented reality exhibition in collaboration with Maija Demitere and Eva - Maria Lopez, Market square, Karslruhe, Germany
2023 June-July Media art group exhibition "RETROSPEKTROPIJA" at Liepaja Museum, Liepaja
ONGOING  -  PAPER TREES. ART+ Virtual exhibition in Liepaja City, Liepaja University square, Latvia.
2021 "FRESH MEET FOR CRITIQUE 2021", virtual exhibitions of graduates of The Art Academy of Latvia
2021 March "Art Extends Lives ", Virtual media art exhibition,
2020 December "Art Extends Lives", media art exhibition, Piltenes Street - 5, Liepāja
2020 September - Planting a resort for Mental Ecology, Digital exhibition, ARSELECTRONICA / MPLAB (Linz, Austria)
2019  October - "On the road (Ceļā)" Liepaja Museum, Liepaja, Latvia
2019 September - October "Academia", LMA centenary exhibition, ARSENĀLS Exhibition Hall of the Latvian National Museum of Art , Riga, Latvia
2019 August - September "Lost in code" media art exhibition by Milda Ziemane, Ieva Vīksne, and Līga Vēliņa, RIXC Gallery, Riga, Latvia
2019 July: Media art exhibition "Deviation. Novirzoties no kursa", Kursa, Liepaja, Latvia
2018 September: Exposition "Art as a Research" curated by Maija Demitere, European Researchers’ Night, Mplab, Liepaja University, Latvia
2018 September: Exhibition "Virtual Identities", Open lab, Mplab, LU, Latvia, Liepaja
2018 August: VR Exhibition "Objects in the Reflection are closer than it Seems" curated by Ieva Viksne, RIXC Gallery, Riga, Latvia
2018 June: Exhibition "Local anesthesia", K. Ukstina Street 17/21 , Liepaja, Latvia
2017 April: Exhibition of Artists of  Vidzeme, Latvia, Aluksne
2016 September/November: Aluksne Art's School, Et Tres Unum Es, Latvia, Aluksne
2016 April: Exhibition of Artists of  Vidzeme region Sigulda Tower- Culture and Art Gallery, Latvia, Sigulda
2015 August: POETICALLY MAN DWELLS III – Photo Festival Latvia 2015, Viesite Culture Palace, Latvia, Viesite
2015 July/August: THE SENSE OF BLOOMING – Aluksne Museum, Latvia, Aluksne
2015 April/May: I LOVE YOU SO – Exhibition of Artists of Vidzeme Region – Valmiera Museum of Regional History and Art , Latvia, Valmiera
2015 March: POETICALLY MAN DWELS II – Month of Photography 2015, Latvia, Talsi
2015 January: POETICALLY MAN DWELS – Restaurant “Austra”, Latvia, Riga
2013 January: DIENA PHOTOGRAPHY AWARD 2012 – Riga Art Space, Latvia, Riga
2020 2ND PLACE in Women in Tech 1st Hackathon in Riga (Winning Team members: Līga Vēliņa, Ieva Vīksne, Elizabete Dikmane)
2019 DELFI CAMPUS AWARD - RIGA IFF GOES VR  / 24h MAGNETIC LATVIA Hackathon - Team "The Livingroom"
(Winning team members: Līga Vēliņa, Ieva Vīksne, Kaspars Lēvalds, Lauris Taube)
2020 The Riga Photography Biennial – NEXT 2021 and ISSP Gallery Award (1 OF 15 FINALISTS)
2015 FK PRIZE 2015, LATVIA (1 of 10 FINALISTS)
2022 August, September - SANSUSI Wellbeing Residency, Akniste
2022 July - Summer School of Socially Engaged Art in Rucka, Cēsis , 23 - 30 July 2022
2019 August -  RIXC "FIELDS" RESIDENCY, Talsi. Host: RiXC, The Centre of New Media Culture 
         WITH A PAPER "Apgūt caur empātisku pieredzi. Vēsturisku notikumu reprezentācija virtuālajā realitātē".
2022  Conference by Žanis Lipke Memorial in collaboration with Latvijas Universitātes Filsofijas un Socioloģijas institūts (Sarežģītais mantojums:
starp memorializāciju un mūsdienu tūrisma pieprasījumu un piedāvājumu. Holokausta vietas Latvijā (MemoTours), financed by Latvijas Zinātnes padome (Projekta Nr. Izpl.-2019/1-0241)) 
2021 An Asynchronous VR Experience that tells a non-linear story of radical social justice. (ENG) RIGA IFF Extended Realities forum.
        Presentation: “An Asynchronous VR Experience that tells a non-linear story of radical social justice”
        (Liga Velina, Dr. Raivis Simansons, Ieva Viksne, Cory McLeod ), Splendid Palace, October, 2021.
2021  “From RIGA IFF GOES VR Hackathon to VR Lipke’s Bunker development ”. November, 2021 (ENG) IWEEK UPDATE 2021 VR XR AR forum.
2020 Learning through empathy. 2 years of work on an innovative educational project. (LV) RIGA TALKS 3 -
        Presentation “Learning through empathy. 2 years of work on an innovative educational project.”
       (Liga Velina and Cory McLeod) 2021. Žanis Lipke Memorial, October, 2021
2019 RIXC “Fields” residency presentations, RIXC Gallery,Riga, Aug 29, 2019 More
2020 Security - workshop held by Gints Gabrāns and Andris Vētra. Openlab, Mplab, Liepāja
2019 Senses of Place: Observation and intervention strategies in working with sound. Led by John Grzinich (USA,EE), Soundays, Liepaja, May 2-4
2018 Sonic Wilderness. Led by Antye Greie-Ripatti (DE/FI), Soundays, Liepaja, Mplab, May 25 - 31
2018 Workshop - Virtual Identities. Led by Ivars Grāvlejs and Andris Vētra (LV), Openlab, Mplab, Liepaja, Sep 21 -24
2017 Older People. Led by Henric Duncker. IWEEK, Liepaja, Mplab, Nov 4 -8
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