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Maija Demitere, Eva-Maria Lopez, Liga Velina
Data visualizations / Augmented Reality

Concept: Maija Demitere, Eva Maria Lopez
3D: Liga Velina

3D Data visualizations / Virtual Reality

Looking at  such concepts as: freedom, justice, democracy, "B-52" raises rhetorical questions: can countries really be independent? If freedom belongs to everyone, why does it seem to others to be more and to others less? What does a fair trial mean? What is the boundary where war and destruction are justified? Where are we as individuals in such military, often politically subjectivized processes? The viewer is introduced to a virtual, surreal journey, an environment that changes and transforms depending on data. The user is located in New York's Central Park - called an “oasis of the city”. The surrounding landscape of selected New York City landmarks and architecture surrounds the oasis. The B-52 Stratofortress  periodically flies over the peaceful environment on his mission casting a shadow on the user. As a result of data related to the 2nd Gulf War (Iraq War, 2003 – 2011, considered as illegal invasion), buildings begin to deform, from utopia to dystopia.
Mental Purity
Mental Purity
3D Data visualizations / Virtual Reality

"Mental purity" is a project created by two media artists - Ieva Vīksne (LV) and Līga Vēliņa (LV). Each artist has created her own mental data representation in a 3D environment. By exploring different methods of mental hygiene and wellbeing technologies, artists have created a visual representation that lets explore the progress of these practices and daily data measurements. Artists invite the audience to wander into a sculptural garden of data in VR environment.


Group show "Art Extends Lives ", Virtual media art, 2021 March exhibition,

Group show "Art Extends Lives", media art exhibition, Piltenes street - 5, Liepāja, 2020 December

Group Show - Planting a resort for Mental Ecology, Digital exhibition, ARSELECTRONICA / MPLAB (Linz, Austria), 2020 September

Borderlines I,II 2019
3D Data visualizations / diptych / processing
Collaboration with programmer Ingus Štāls.

Project "Borderlines is research about data visualizations in the context of the art and visual culture, using population data as a base to create an artwork (diptych) contrasting global (world population) and local (Latvia population) data. One of the aims of the research is to represent the data impact on geographical borders and reflect large and dynamic people movement in time and space.

Group show, Lost in  Code, RIXC Gallery, Riga   02.08. - 21.09.19 
Group show, Ceļā, Liepaja museum, Liepaja     04.10. - 04.11.19
Groupshow, Academia, the ARSENĀLS Exhibition Hall of the Latvian National Museum of Art  20.09. - 17.11.19

The artwork is included in RIXC Center for New Media Culture Artbase / Digital Archive
Data Selfportrait
Data selfportrait 2019
Video / Screen-recording / processing
24 sec = 24 hours. Author used analogue data collected on herself: what time does she wakes up, when she goes to sleep, how often she calls her mum , dad and brother,  how many meals she eat per day, etc. 
Projection for LMA
Jurgis Peters, Liga Velina
Projection at Annual Carneval at Art Academy of Latvia


Live installation / motion sensor
Theme: Distopa/ Utopia
Still life VR
Still life 2018 
Virtual Reality
Surreal and virtual environment in which the user is exposed to a new experience by moving and discovering symbols and objects that reflect artefacts and pieces of the author's unconsciousness. The work is based on the abstract surrealism aesthetics, in which the characteristics are achieved through the means of cubism and abstraction.
The artwork is included in RIXC Center for New Media Culture Artbase / Digital Archive
Objects in the reflection are closer
than they appear, Groupshow
RIXC Gallery, Riga
23.08. -.09.18  More
Tiresome verses
Video portrait of the imaginary, anonymous author of the depressive poem.
entrée, 2018 
Video - portrait. Self representation.
 “entrée” [Balet term, french [introduction]] is an interpretation of the beautiful film “Pas de Deux” (1968) by Norman McLaren. In ballet, a pas de deux  ( French:"step of two") is a dance duet in which two dancers, typically a male and a female, perform ballet steps together.  “entrée” (French: "introduction") is a woman’s metaphoric video portrait - self - representation,  as a two-channel video installation. 
Artwork is included in The NOASS   Latvian Video Art Archive
Metamorphosis  2018 
Video. 00:02:00
6 video portraits of current companions. metamorphosis as transformation and interaction between portraits of characters.
Artwork is included in The NOASS   Latvian Video Art Archive
Metamorphosis  2018 
Early works
Dialogue in a Soviet space 
2015 - 2016 
Mixed technique / linocut/ digital prints
Poetic view at my  grandparen'ts relationship in Soviet times in Latvia.
The modern man usually associates Soviet times with a circus show,  where living people are actors in political and social setting tangle. But for people who lived those times, it was a reality.  We see the difference in a rhythm of life  and life sense if we compare our self with  generation who lived during this mentioned historical period. So   what was thinking „Soviet man”?  What he was talking about?  What was his attitude and opinion towards existing political power? My grandparents self-created representations and historical materials gave me a chance to understand how they  both like a Latvian people were  affected in their ideology and sense of freedom. 
   Main part of this  project is based on my  grandparents letter' archive which was written from 1956 to 1963. These  years in a Soviet Union is historically called Khrushchev period.
   Letters' archive  was  7 year long conversation day after day, and it  became like a self-created  private world of two young  lovers (15 and 17)  which helped them  to survive in an airless soviet space. 
   The main objective of this project is to supplement our national identity as a post soviet society threw away it’s own historical materials and to discover Soviet times historical period with its own specific  atmosphere and sense.
     Visual interpretations are  based on citations from grandparents letters archive which are chosen by author depending of my subjective vision. Works are created combining digital prints with different kind of graphic techniques (lino-cut, mixed graphics techniques )
Nude 2011
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