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Lipke's Bunker

Virtual Reality experience 
2019 -2020

VR experience for Žanis Lipke memorial in Riga -  created by 4 media artists Ieva Vīksne, Lauris Taube, Kaspars Lēvalds and Līga Vēliņa. 

Following up on the RIGA IFF goes VR hackathon in September 2019, Žanis Lipkes memorial continued working together with the Delfi Campus winning team (Ieva Vīksne, Līga Vēliņa, Kaspars Lēvalds, Lauris Taube) on developing the Lipke Bunker VR prototype

VR Documentary
Virtual Reality experience, illustrations, 3D 

2nd iteration of VR experience for Žanis Lipke memorial in Riga . Collaborating with agency FALLON Worldwide and a creative technologist and interdisciplinary artist, Cory McLeod, media artist Ieva Viksne.

Virtual reality technology is one of the most successful technological tools to engage younger audiences in the learning process.

Using different artistic methods than in the previous iteration. For example, the three- dimensional environment is combined with hand drawn illustrations

Lipke's Bunker. A VR Documentary.
2nd iteration  ONGOING
SF 3D AR art
3D animation and Augmented Reality
App for SEMINA FUTURI project
Design DD
Graphic Design for exhibition
DAIRY DIARIES by Anna Priedola
NORK planner
NORK Magazine Planner
Graphic Design, 2019 -  Līga Vēliņa
Concept: Agnese Zīle 

"This paperback edition is in English and comes in a convenient size. Each opening is complemented either with artworks by Latvian photographer Iveta Vaivode–Gabaliņa or Brazilian–born Norway–based artist Bianca Hisse. In the photo series «Polar» Iveta Vaivode–Gabaliņa explores and depicts time and its perception while living above the polar circle in the darkest season of the year. At the end of the planner, the user will find enough space for personal notes."
/FOLD magazine/

Read about this project here:
FOLD MAGAZINE. "Not a day without Planner"

Resort WEB Design design
Web design: Līga Vēliņa, Kaspars Jaudzems

Art extends life
Art Extends Life
Visual Identity, 3D art, 2020

3D illustration, graphic design for exhibition "Art Extends Life" in Liepaja and Rīga Latvia

Exhibition is part of project "PROJEKTS DIVI 9" - multi media show "This love is not for sale" ("Šī mīlestība nepārdodas").

Sign Masters
Lyrics Book
Concept: Ieva Vīksne
Design: Līga Vēliņa

App prototype
2ND PLACE in Women in Tech 1st Hackathon in Riga (Winning Team members: Līga Vēliņa, Ieva Vīksne, Elizabete Dikmane) 

Ink Sprint through the Labyrinth  2011 - 16
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