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Photographic series

Dialogue in a Soviet space  2015 - 16
Poetic view at my  grandparen'ts relationship in Soviet times in Latvia
The modern man usually associates Soviet times with a circus show,  where living people are actors in political and social setting tangle. But for people who lived those times, it was a reality.  We see the difference in a rhythm of life  and life sense if we compare our self with  generation who lived during this mentioned historical period. So   what was thinking „Soviet man”?  What he was talking about?  What was his attitude and opinion towards existing political power? My grandparents self-created representations and historical materials gave me a chance to understand how they  both like a Latvian people were  affected in their ideology and sense of freedom. 
   Main part of this  project is based on my  grandparents letter' archive which was written from 1956 to 1963. These  years in a Soviet Union is historically called Khrushchev period.
   Letters' archive  was  7 year long conversation day after day, and it  became like a self-created  private world of two young  lovers (15 and 17)  which helped them  to survive in an airless soviet space. 
   The main objective of this project is to supplement our national identity as a post soviet society threw away it’s own historical materials and to discover Soviet times historical period with its own specific  atmosphere and sense.
     Visual interpretations are  based on citations from grandparents letters archive which are chosen by author depending of my subjective vision. Works are created combining digital prints with different kind of graphic techniques (lino-cut, mixed graphics techniques )
York  2016 
City  of York, United Kingdom
35 mm / Lomography 
Pictures taken in England, city of York during the period from June till November 2017.
Nude  2011
Digital photography
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